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> be me - a collection of greentexts

>be me - a collection of greentexts is a compilation of stories collected from the infamous online community of 4chan.org, the biggest english-speaking imageboard in the world. The anarchic and anonymous online community is often perceived as the cesspool of the internet, but behind the facade it fosters creativity in unexpected forms and has for 15 years been one the most significant contributors in the popular internet culture.

The book focuses on captivating stories originating from 4chan called “greentexts”, which were posted in 4chan during 2010-2015. These stories are written in an oddly poetic language that can be characterised as abrupt, statement-like internet slang and get their name from the use of 4chan’s quote-function that colors the text green.

The book was originally published as an e-book in the turn of the year 2016 and it has been a subject of notable attention and cult following since. The project has been featured in several articles and it has been presented in different forms in exhibitions, in the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and in Libros Mutantes Art Book fair in Madrid.

The first paperback edition has 148 pages.

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