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> be me - a collection of greentexts

Did you ever stab yourself to avoid going to jail or got your girlfriend back by kidnapping her dog? Did you ever permanently scar a family with a prank call or reveal that your best friends conception was a porno gone wrong? Or perhaps pulled out a tapeworm out of your girlfriends ass while having sex? 

After collecting anonymous stories from the website 4chan.org for years, I have compiled a book that recounts
those absurd, once in a life time moments that we can all relate to, but for the most part hope will never have to actually face. 
It is a hilarious, heartwarming and distressing collection of stories that have the ability to make you laugh out loud - and cringe at the same time. 

In order to make reading experience as convenient as possible in any situation, the book was edited especially with the smartphone user in mind, letting the reader easily swipe from one story to the next (don’t worry, it works great on tablets and computers as well).

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